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Kibera girls with KPCo. pads

We need your ongoing support

Corporate and business donors can make a huge difference in the lives of girls living in Kibera. 

KPCo - Lois Harris & Jane Anyango

Lois Harris & Jane Anyango

Lois Harris,
Founder & CEO of Kibera Pad Co.

In the time I spent with Jane, I discovered only 50% of people are employed in Kibera, the average wage is US$1 per day, and most families can’t afford sanitary pads. When dirt, leaves, rags, and selling their bodies doesn’t work, girls miss class and finally leave school.  65% of girls never finish their education.

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Kibera Pad Co.

The Kibera Pad Company produces high-tech, low impact sanitary pads for high school girls in the Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya. These are produced in a micro-factory located in the Kibera Slum with workers drawn from unemployed women in the slum. The pad production currently serves 50 schools in Kibera with an increasing demand.  These pads are produced at no cost to the girls which helps to keep the girls coming to school and furthering their education.

What your ongoing donations will support

What we need the most...

Kibera Pad Co Micro-Factory
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Materials, Wages, Mentors & Rent For a Year

Your donation will cover costs for a year's worth of production materials to produce 195,000 pads, wages for 5 local women and a team of 10 mentors.



Production Materials


12 months of materials for one micro-factory will produce 195,000 pads.

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Worker's Wages


1 year's wages for five local women who produce the pads.


Educators for a Year


Educating and mentoring young girls is a key part of our work. Fund 10 mentors for a year.

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