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There are many ways you can help...

We have secured funding for 50% of the micro-factories in advance and will be looking for ongoing funds to cover the five employees and the replacement materials required to continue pad manufacturing.


As this project is to help young girls stay in school, we are seeking funding from professional women’s associations, business, NGOs and private individuals who wish to support female health & educational outcomes. These donations would be for both materials and salaries on an annual or bi-annual basis.

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Make an impact!

"It is my ambition to supply micro-factories to each of the villages of Kibera so that all precincts can undertake their own manufacturing.  This project begins with the assumption that girls will never be able to pay for their pads because of the financial pressures on all Kibera families."

Lois Harris, Founder/Director, KPCo.


One-time Year Supply of Pads


Will supply enough sanitary pads to keep one girl in school for a year.


Annual Supply of Pads


A recurring contribution will supply one girl for a year with pads.


Annual Supply of Pads for 5 Girls


A recurring contribution will supply five girls for a year with pads.


Production Materials


12 months of materials for one micro-factory will produce 195,000 pads.

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Worker's Wages


1 year's wages for five local women who produce the pads.


Educators for a Year


Educating and mentoring young girls is a key part of our work. Fund 10 mentors for a year.

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