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Of girls in Kibera never finish school because they can't afford sanitary pads 

We're enabling girls to stay in school

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About Kibera Pad Co.

Girls need sanitary pads when they menstruate. In Kibera most families can’t afford pads so girls miss days of school each month, fall behind in their work and eventually leave. My aim is to enable girls in Kibera slum to complete their education. 


A micro-factory has been set up where local women can earn a living making pads, and girls can receive free pads. This enables them to stay in school!

How you can help

You can choose from a number of donation options each designed to advance our project.  

You can host a fundraiser with your friends and family to keep our micro factories running.  

You can become a Corporate Supporter.

For the latest news and information about our projects and fundraising efforts, please subscribe.

About Lois

I am an Australian documentary producer, mother and keen traveller who visited Nairobi, Kenya and left feeling that I had to try and create better opportunities for young girls in Kibera Slum to help them finish school.

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Our Top Donors
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